Temporary Booking Information

As we enter another national lockdown, we will continue to see patients whilst remaining in line with all government, Public Health England, and General Osteopathic Council regulatory guidelines.

Click here for the latest update of the services available.

So that we can safely screen patients prior to booking, we have disabled our online booking service until further notice.


Please call 01394 387818 or email reception@gilmourosteo.co.uk to discuss your situation.

Please note, we cannot see you if you or a member of your household is experiencing symptoms of CoVID-19, or if you have returned from abroad via an International Airport in the last 14 days. We would also recommend a remote consultation if you are extremely clinically vulnerable.

Our current practice policy and methods of working can be seen here.

COVID-related Testimonials

I have recently had reason to pay numerous visits to Andrew Gilmour and Associates, and have to say how safe and protected I felt with their safeguarding measures against COVID-19.

I would not hesitate to recommend them.


Video consultations

We are currently offering osteopathy-related video consultations on a trial basis.  

Talking to us over the phone is a great way of getting advice whilst we can't see you face to face, however in some cases it would be more beneficial to see us via video-link. 


Although it is unlikely that a consultation via video will be able to match the expectations of one face-to-face, the advantages these sessions are:

  • The practitioner can assess your range of movement;

  • You can demonstrate key diagnostic tests by mimicking the movements of the practitioner;

  • The practitioner can demonstrate and coach pain relieving exercises. 

All of these will allow us to provide early diagnosis, and self-care and pain management advice. 


All you need is a smart phone, tablet or laptop which supports live video (i.e. webcam) and a fair internet connection. 

Please get in touch via the normal routes, phone or email, for initial advice. 

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